Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Great Adventure!!!!!!!

Well I must say that today has been one of the first free days here on campus! Every week is so busy and filled with classes, lectures, worship, small groups, community outreach, meals, equipping tracks and many other things. Today was amazing because one of my staff leaders, Greg took a group of 11 of us on an adventure! We left the base at 9:30 this morning and Greg had an entire day planned for us for our secret adventure! We drove around 30 minutes to our first destination which was a hike into a lava tube!!! We had to hike down into the lava tube and we only had a flashlight and a few cell phones to provide light in the complete darkness. In the lava tube, was a fresh water pool area in which we all jumped in and swam around. It was tricky because it was super dark but we managed to maneuver around and not get cut up too much. After hiking in the lava tube/cave for about an hour we hiked back to the car and drove to a remote beach in which we had to hike back into. It was so beautiful though! White sandy beaches and light blue water! we ate our sack lunch at a picnic table and then most of the guys went snorkeling! They snorkeled for an hour or so and they were exhausted to say the least. But the adventure continued! we all loaded into the car and headed to a wonderful snorkeling beach! we saw beautiful tropical fish including a 3 1/2 ft needle fish, parrot fish, puffer fish, angel fish and many others that I dont know the names of. hahaha Our last stop was cliff jumping!! We hiked to the cliffs and the majority of the guys jumped off the 45 ft cliff and the girls jumped off a 35 ft cliff! it was such an adrenaline rush and there were insane waves below! It was challenging to climb back up the cliff because the waves were very powerful but the Lord kept us safe. We then finished off the day with an icecream before heading back to the YWAM base! IT was such an adventure to visit all those places and get to know everyone so much more! Definitely an amazing day to relax!
                                                 This is Ohana Court- the place where all the DTS' get together to worship and meetings with everyone! We have sermons and lectures here!

                          we love getting fresh fruit at the Farmers Market on the weekends!
                      India will be my home for 3 months!!

Drum Roll please!!! my outreach location is......!!!!!!!

Well my leaders finally decided to reveal the outreach locations for my 3 months of outreach! Last friday, they revealed to us 6 countries that we could choose from for outreach. They were Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Krygastan and Cambodia. They then gave us 10 minutes to pray about where we felt the Lord was leading us for 3 months. Before they revealed the places to us, I was in the prayer room praying about where the Lord would lead me. For months, we have known that we would most likely be going to central Asia. While in the prayer room, I felt the Lord was saying, that he wanted me to be a voice to the voiceless and I believe I heard the Lord say the word, Hindu. As I heard that word, I immediately thought of India because Hindu is the main religion of India. So before the leaders revealed the outreach locations, I felt that the Lord was leading me probably towards India as my outreach.
      As they revealed the locations, we had 10 min to pray and I felt as if the Lord was confirming me to go to India for my outreach. On Monday we found out our finalized outreach locations and I will be going to INDIA!!!! I'm very excited!! THere is around 7 people in my team including my leader. Every week, we meet with our small groups (outreach teams) and talk about what the Lord is showing us throughout the week. We also get together and pray for the Lord to start preparing our hearts for India. We even met today to pray about maybe some things He wants us to get involved in while we are in India involving ministry opportunities. Please continue praying for our team to be unified and for the Lord to reveal His plan to us over these next 6 months! God has a plan! We will be leaving the last week of March for our outreaches!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the happenings of YWAM

These past 13 days have been life changing here at the YWAM base at Kona! the first week we had an amazing speaker, Donna Jordan! She was such an inspiration because she taught on Discerning the Voice of the Lord. She challenged us and she showed us how the Lord could speak to each and every one of us individually and personally! I was amazed at what all the Lord showed me and revealed to me throughout that time. This week we have a speaker named Jeff. He is from kyrgyzstan and lives there and works at a YWAM base. He and his wife have raised their 2 children there and they minister to the people of the cities, town and villages. Yesterday, he told us how he has taken several trips into Afghanistan to share the Gospel with people. He traveled days at a time, drove through many mountains, hiked days and nights to reach the unreached. The Lord gave him this desire to share the Gospel to the unreached into the neighboring countires and in Kyrgystan. He is an amazing speaker and has such a heart for ministry! He has been such an inspiration to me and some of the things listed below are things he has taught us!
-Love is a choice, not an emotion.
-Am I really living or just existing here one earth.
-He wants ordinary people who obey radically!
-No one else gets to define our Obedience to God.
-There is a call and cost of radical obedience
-How do we want to live? Do we always want to be the person hearing stories and not experiencing them for ourselves? Or are we just going to tell other people's stories or are we going to be Obedient to God and tell our own story for years to come. Are we committed to see what will happen and how God will use us?
After we submit to the call of ultimately following God, He will lead you and we are to follow-just like the disciples.
=the goal of our lives is not to sin less. we are to stop focusing on sin.
-will you follow GOd?
-live flexibly, not set in our own ways.

God has been showing me so many things lately and transforming me from the Inside out! GOd is GOOD!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Lord Sees you, Hears you, and is always Near you!

           Last night, my DTS went to the prayer room for 2 hours of prayer, worship and intercession and the Lord mightly worked in my life along with hundreds of others! Our DTS goes to the prayer room at least twice a week along with other DTS' and I go to the prayer room other times as well to pray, worship and do devos.
      As I was in the prayer room,I was asking for the Holy SPirit to come adn fill me. As I continued praying, I asked that the Lord would tangibly reveal Himself to Me-in that I could see Him visibly, or in someone else or that He would just Reveal himself to me in a new way to prove His love, understanding and listening ear to me.  As I continued asking for Him to reveal Himself to me, a girl approached me. She introduced herself to me as Dominique. She said she had seen me from the front of the room and felt that the Lord was calling her to come and pray for me. She felt God telling hero H to tell me that there was no need for me to continue searching for God in the room. She told me that the Lord was standing right in front of me and peering into my eyes and heart with His firery eyes. He was pleased with me and my desire to serve Him and seek Him out. God had told her to tell me that I wasnt just some random person in the massive crowd of people, but that the Lord had sought me out above all else and that He saw my heart and desire to Seek Him out and that I stood out to HIm. She continued to pray over me pausing every few minutes to hear the Lord's voice and intercede on my behalf and the Lord's. She continued to reinforce the fact that God had sought me out of the crowd and she reminded me that Jesus stood right in front of me-peering into my heart. He saw me and is with me-His presence surrounded me. She knew nothing about me but yet the Lord directed her to me from across the room and told her to come and pray over me and therefore He revealed himself to me tangibly through Dominique. Thank you Lord for revealing yourself to me in a matter of just a few minutes after praying.