Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 weeks away!!

   In 2 weeks, I will be setting foot on a plane bound for a new adventure for 6 months! !!!!!!!
    I honestly cannot believe that I leave in 2 weeks for YWAM! where has time gone?? It has been a busy past few weeks working, preparing, shopping for necessity supplies and trying to see as many people as I can before I leave. I finished my quarter at TCC strong and am so thankful to be done currently with community college. MY leader of Engage DTS has informed our DTS that there will be around 50 students in my DTS which is very exciting!! They are people from ALL over the world who will be joining me for the same DTS. GOD is soo good!
    I have been very thankful because I sent out support letters in november and people have been generous in helping to donate towards YWAM. It has been such a blessing to recieve surprise donations from families and has eased my stress with the finances a little bit. I still need to raise at least $8,000 for YWAM (not including airfare), so if you feel called to help donate towards my trip, please visit the tab on my blog, "Funds Raised and Needed" to see the funds I'm working towards. Also, if you would like to help financially, please go to the tab, "Ways to Help" for further instructions.
    Please be praying for these next few weeks of preparation. I know the Lord desires for me to do YWAM and I know He has a plan for how everything is going to fall into place. Please pray against the Devil right now, because he is smart and has been trying to get me to doubt God and His provision for this trip. I'm trying to rely on God to my best ability, but Im struggling with doubt and am very anxious with preparations and finances. Thank you for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated! I know the LORD is good!
    2 weeks!!!!