Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drum Roll please!!! my outreach location is......!!!!!!!

Well my leaders finally decided to reveal the outreach locations for my 3 months of outreach! Last friday, they revealed to us 6 countries that we could choose from for outreach. They were Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Krygastan and Cambodia. They then gave us 10 minutes to pray about where we felt the Lord was leading us for 3 months. Before they revealed the places to us, I was in the prayer room praying about where the Lord would lead me. For months, we have known that we would most likely be going to central Asia. While in the prayer room, I felt the Lord was saying, that he wanted me to be a voice to the voiceless and I believe I heard the Lord say the word, Hindu. As I heard that word, I immediately thought of India because Hindu is the main religion of India. So before the leaders revealed the outreach locations, I felt that the Lord was leading me probably towards India as my outreach.
      As they revealed the locations, we had 10 min to pray and I felt as if the Lord was confirming me to go to India for my outreach. On Monday we found out our finalized outreach locations and I will be going to INDIA!!!! I'm very excited!! THere is around 7 people in my team including my leader. Every week, we meet with our small groups (outreach teams) and talk about what the Lord is showing us throughout the week. We also get together and pray for the Lord to start preparing our hearts for India. We even met today to pray about maybe some things He wants us to get involved in while we are in India involving ministry opportunities. Please continue praying for our team to be unified and for the Lord to reveal His plan to us over these next 6 months! God has a plan! We will be leaving the last week of March for our outreaches!

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