Monday, November 28, 2011

quick update :)

Hey everyone!!
I can't believe that I will be flying out to Kona sooooo soon to start my journey through YWAM!! It's right around the corner! WOOHOO!!! Time is flying by very quickly, as my fall quarter is coming to a close. Please keep me in your prayers as I'm doing my best to FINISH strong with getting all my reports, homework, assignments, papers and finals! College has been pretty demanding these past few quarters, but with the Lord's strength, I have been able to put forth my best work and hope for the best result.
    My finals are DEC 5th and 6th!! and then after next Tuesday, I will be done with Tacoma Community College for awhile! Starting December 7th, I will be working very hard to further my finances towards YWAM. Thankfully, my father is providing me with the opportunity to work with him at his office. I will be doing my best to also be taking up any side jobs as well. SO, if anyone is in Need of a Babysitter, housesitter or needs help around the house, PLEASE let me know because I will be more than happy to come to your aid! You can feel free to email me at or call my cell at (253) 514-1624.

I Am constantly PRAYING for the Lord to work a miracle for the finances for this trip. As you know, it is very spendy, but I truly feel CALLED to YWAM because it has been my desire for a few years now to participate in a ministry in which I'm fed the Word of GOD and gaining in my knowledge and understanding of Jesus, His plan for me and His heart for the people of this world.
I LONG TO BE HIS HANDS AND FEET IN SERVING the Homeless, the prostitues, the orphans, the young teenage girls who feel lost in this world due to lies they are being fed in media and pop culture, and for the people who are trying to find Hope admist the darkness. This is my Desire and the Lord continues to FUEL that desire within my HEART!
"Lord, I desire this opportunity more than anything, to be able to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION! I know I am being CALLED by name to this ministry and therefore I know you will Guide me in my endeavors and PROVIDE the finances if this is still your WIll. Heavenly Father, please surround me in your Presence because I know you can do the impossible. Please help me to not doubt you, but to Trust you with my entire heart." amen
For those of you who read this, please keep this trip for YWAM in your prayers and that the Lord will continue to show me His power to provide and guide me within these next few months. Thank you for your support!
      Blessings! -Renae