Funds Raised and Needed

Hey everyone! So I wanted to show you a visual representation of the expenses that I need to raise before YWAM (starting January 5th) I'm doing my best to take up part time jobs while taking a full load at college. It is very challenging, but I know the Lord has called me to YWAM, therefore I am trusting in Him, that He will work in the hearts of others and provide me with enough work. Time is running short.. therefore, please keep this in your prayers and if you feel as if you are being called to help me financially, please go to the tab, "WAYS TO HELP" on my blog.

The money mentioned for the Lecture phase is due Jan 5th (the first day of the DTS)
A $2,500 deposit for my outreach is due Febuary 3rd.

Please be praying for the Lord to work and that He will provide these finances! Nothing is impossible! I am truly relying on Faith right now and working my hardest to achieve these finances.
Funds Raised
Funds Needed