Sunday, March 11, 2012

God is a HEALER!

God is doing such amazing things on this campus and I have seen numerous healings occur and take place over the past few weeks!! Last week, there were at least 4 nights in a row where people would gather at our Banyan Tree Café for prayer and worship. The first night there was an overwhelming sense that God wanted to do some healings within the group of people.
            Last Tuesday night, there were around 30 people gathered together at the café and they felt called to start praying for healings over people. The 30 people broke up into groups and asked, “who needs prayer.” The people who raised their hands were the ones who were surrounded by other people to start praying for them. There were around 5 groups of people hovering around 1 person as they all placed their hands on that person’s body.  Prayer began to fill the air as people started proclaiming healing over people’s bodies and for sicknesses, ailments and deformed body parts. God began to work a miracle in many people’s lives and healings began to occur! Legs were grown out, backs were completely healed and miracle after miracle, God showed up. It’s important that you know that none of us have the ability to heal-only God does to this extent. He does give us the authority to Heal through His name and power though. 
  Mark 16:15-18 declares, “In my name, you will heal the sick and they will be healed.” Part of the Great Commission is to lay hands on the sick expecting God to heal. This is an act of faith and asking God to Heal, in JESUS’ name! Also, Luke 10:19 declares how All authority in Heaven and on earth is given to Jesus. “I have given you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” Also, Matthew 28 and Mark 16 go into this more.
These are testimonies of healings on Tuesday night!
-Carleen, one of my good friends has had a knee that has been rotated inward for most of her life. It has caused her lots of pain and has affected her playing sports over the years. She had arthritis in it for years. As people started praying over it, it began to straighten out. People prayed for a little while and as they continued to watch her knee, it grew out completely. If you look at her now, both of her knees are completely straight and her knee is no longer rotated inward. She has no more pain in her knees and now can walk and be physically active with no pain.
-Tomas, a guy in my DTS was born with one leg shorter than the other. This has also caused pain in his back and one of his big toes is probably ½ inch shorter than his other toe. He has always had problems buying shoes because one foot and toe is shorter than the other.  As people began to pray over it and place their hands on his feet, his toe began to grow out including his leg. 
-Allie, one of my leaders has had many problems with her back as well. She hasn’t been able to stand for long periods of time due to pressure in her back. She was born with an extra vertebra. As a group of us placed our hands on her back, we began to pray for healing over her back. During the time that we were praying over her, I was sure I felt a small shift on one of her vertebrae. She also told us that she had felt a small shift as well. We prayed for awhile and after around 5 minutes, Allie told us that the pain had disappeared from her back. Of course, an X ray is the only way to see if the extra vertebrae is still there.
-Marie, my roommate was healed of scoliosis that evening as well.
- A girl in another DTS was born with one of her thumbs shorter than the other. It was visibly at least ½ inch shorter than the other thumb. People gathered around her and began to pray over her and God decided to heal her and allow her thumbs to grow out to be the same length.
- Jenn, another girl in my DTS was in a car accident a few years ago and her hips have not been aligned for awhile. This has messed up her back as well and when she walks, on of her hips is higher than the other.  As people began to pray over her, her hips became realigned to be at the same height and her back was realigned.

*These are just a few of some testimonies of healings that occurred that evening. Within a course of a few weeks, there has been over 45 healings of all different ailments, sicknesses, broken body parts ect. I’ve learned time and time again that we cannot limit God and His power to heal. Nothing is to hard for Him and He will Heal in His timing. WE must meet the practical needs and come to God during these times and when we feel as if we need Him to do the impossible. All Glory to God! In HIS Name, he gives us the power and authority to heal.