Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the happenings of YWAM

These past 13 days have been life changing here at the YWAM base at Kona! the first week we had an amazing speaker, Donna Jordan! She was such an inspiration because she taught on Discerning the Voice of the Lord. She challenged us and she showed us how the Lord could speak to each and every one of us individually and personally! I was amazed at what all the Lord showed me and revealed to me throughout that time. This week we have a speaker named Jeff. He is from kyrgyzstan and lives there and works at a YWAM base. He and his wife have raised their 2 children there and they minister to the people of the cities, town and villages. Yesterday, he told us how he has taken several trips into Afghanistan to share the Gospel with people. He traveled days at a time, drove through many mountains, hiked days and nights to reach the unreached. The Lord gave him this desire to share the Gospel to the unreached into the neighboring countires and in Kyrgystan. He is an amazing speaker and has such a heart for ministry! He has been such an inspiration to me and some of the things listed below are things he has taught us!
-Love is a choice, not an emotion.
-Am I really living or just existing here one earth.
-He wants ordinary people who obey radically!
-No one else gets to define our Obedience to God.
-There is a call and cost of radical obedience
-How do we want to live? Do we always want to be the person hearing stories and not experiencing them for ourselves? Or are we just going to tell other people's stories or are we going to be Obedient to God and tell our own story for years to come. Are we committed to see what will happen and how God will use us?
After we submit to the call of ultimately following God, He will lead you and we are to follow-just like the disciples.
=the goal of our lives is not to sin less. we are to stop focusing on sin.
-will you follow GOd?
-live flexibly, not set in our own ways.

God has been showing me so many things lately and transforming me from the Inside out! GOd is GOOD!

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