DTS Engage

I have been accepted to the ENGAGE Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii as part of YWAM (Youth With a Mission). YWAM has bases located throughout the world. Their main goal is to train and disciple young adults as missionaries and servants of the Lord through a DTS and an outreach phase! The following is the DTS I will be participating in, beginning in January!


A life-changing school to engage with God, your destiny, community and the nations.

Each one of us is uniquely created by God to be world changers. He created us with purpose, gifts and calling. Do you want to come into a great place of knowing why you are alive? To be someone that makes a difference for all eternity?
We want to see you radically encounter God in deep life-changing ways – to know who he is, what his heart burns for, what he has created you for; to go deeper in a place of prayer & worship, knowing the Word, walking as a follower, friend and lover of Jesus and understanding how He wants to use you to change the world. We want to train you to be someone who is excited about what you were created for and how God wants to use you in your generation. Get trained in how to engage with issues of injustice, community transformation, sharing the gospel, preaching, being Jesus’ hands, heart and feet to those who need love, justice and compassion.
Discipleship Training School is an intense, short-term missions training opportunity set in the amazing YWAM University of the Nations Kona campus. But this is not just Bible camp in the sun. We will spend 12 weeks in Kona, Hawaii, hearing and learning from some of the mothers and fathers of the modern missions movement, as well as people God is using in radical ways around the globe. We will combine teaching lectures, small groups, one-on-ones, prayer and worship, serving the base and simple assignments with a lot of fun in a unique community. Lecture phase content will include topics such as; ‘hearing God’s voice’; ‘the nature and character of God’; ‘worship, prayer and intercession’; ‘spiritual warfare’; ‘the person and power of Holy Spirit’; ‘missions, evangelism and pioneering’ and ‘knowing and communicating God’s Word’.


Then we head out on a life-changing outreach adventure to the nations. You will spend 11-12 weeks in a cross-cultural environment serving those in need, sharing the gospel, extending the Kingdom of God, seeing lives impacted, and letting God transform you. You could be teaching English, running a clinic, preaching on a street corner, digging a well, playing with children in orphanages, prophesying over prostitutes or sharing your testimony with a university student. There is no limit to what God might do through your outreach team. Finally everyone returns to Kona to share stories and testimonies of what God has done and then to release you into the rest of your lives. Possible outreach locations will be in the sub-Indian continent and Central Asia.


The call of Engage DTS is to give you a deep foundation for your faith and relationship with God, and see you mobilized into your destiny equipped to reach your potential. We want to be a people who know we live the priority of Jesus, to “love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength … and love your neighbour as you love yourself”. Join Engage DTS and
ENGAGE with the fullness of GOD …From a place of prayer and intimacy – develop a dynamic  life changing prayer life, become excited as you see God answer your prayers, to see people   healed and set free. Know and studying his Word – the manual for all of life, understand it’s   power to change nations. Encounter a might God through spirit-led worship.
ENGAGE with the fullness of what YOU were created for … Find your purpose and calling  – what burns in your heart? Discover your gifts and strengths – what do you have in your  hands that God wants to use? Become a true disciple – walk in a radical understanding of his  passionate love for you. Give all and every part of who you are. We will question what we do  with our time, mind, body and emotions.
ENGAGE in radical discipleship COMMUNITY – Be part of a wild army, rooted in God’s  presence, who sharpen one another in our faith, marked by love and purity.
ENGAGE with God’s heart for the WORLD … Gain a global perspective, learn what it takes to  reach the lost and those who don’t know Jesus, get informed about issues of injustice & that  which breaks God’s heart and how can you be part of the restoration.


We want to see you equipped with a love of the Word, prayer & worship and how to lead others in these. We want to send you out to serve the nations, whether in inner-city Europe, the slums of India, war-ravaged Afghanistan or the rural mountains Kyrgyzstan equipped to meet the practical needs you will face on outreach and beyond. Engage DTS will include tracks of practical skills and communication training. We will have extended times of prayer, worship and ministry in our 24 hour prayer room and from this place of intimacy with God, get out on to the streets of our local community to share the gospel.