Friday, January 6, 2012


WELL!! I'm here in KONA!! After a long day, I arrived safe and sound along with other YWAMers from all around the world. I had the pleasure of flying with Dustin Polley from church to Kona, Hawaii!! It was truly amazing to step off the little plane in Kona and be engulfed in a very warm breeze!! 80 degrees!! and VERY WARM!!
                At baggage claim, we were warmly greeted by some of YWAM staff who helped us load up our luggage into some vans headed to the base at the University of Nations in Kona. I was so filled with relief as I saw many other Ywamers unloading from vans and checking in! LEt me tell you! People from ALL around the world are here with me now in KONA participating in all different DTS' (Discipleship Training Schools)! I was instructed to my dorm room in which I will be rooming with 7 other amazing girls! The last girl finally arrived which has been amazing-because we all come from different states and countries! It is definitely going to be interesting rooming with 7 other girls-sharing one bathroom, sink and mirror! hahah and learning to live together with our different personalities. THis is going to be such an adventure! Tomorrow is a full day of orientation and welcoming! Im excited to see what tomorrow will bring! every day is a new adventure :) Praise: everyone has gotten here safely and people have been getting all settled in. People are very friendly and leaders are amazing! Prayer requests: for the past few days, I have had a very sore throat which has caused my tonsils to enlarge greatly. I dont want anything keeping me from worshipping and devoting my time to God, therefore, if you could just pray for me that the Lord would cause my sore throat to go away or whatever is causing the enlargement of my tonsils which makes it hard to talk, breathe and swallow. Thank you for your prayers and continual support! Well its been a very long, exhausting day.. therefore its time to get some shut eye. I have an early morning tomorrow! have to be up at 6 for breakfast. Love you all and wish you well!