Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Great Adventure!!!!!!!

Well I must say that today has been one of the first free days here on campus! Every week is so busy and filled with classes, lectures, worship, small groups, community outreach, meals, equipping tracks and many other things. Today was amazing because one of my staff leaders, Greg took a group of 11 of us on an adventure! We left the base at 9:30 this morning and Greg had an entire day planned for us for our secret adventure! We drove around 30 minutes to our first destination which was a hike into a lava tube!!! We had to hike down into the lava tube and we only had a flashlight and a few cell phones to provide light in the complete darkness. In the lava tube, was a fresh water pool area in which we all jumped in and swam around. It was tricky because it was super dark but we managed to maneuver around and not get cut up too much. After hiking in the lava tube/cave for about an hour we hiked back to the car and drove to a remote beach in which we had to hike back into. It was so beautiful though! White sandy beaches and light blue water! we ate our sack lunch at a picnic table and then most of the guys went snorkeling! They snorkeled for an hour or so and they were exhausted to say the least. But the adventure continued! we all loaded into the car and headed to a wonderful snorkeling beach! we saw beautiful tropical fish including a 3 1/2 ft needle fish, parrot fish, puffer fish, angel fish and many others that I dont know the names of. hahaha Our last stop was cliff jumping!! We hiked to the cliffs and the majority of the guys jumped off the 45 ft cliff and the girls jumped off a 35 ft cliff! it was such an adrenaline rush and there were insane waves below! It was challenging to climb back up the cliff because the waves were very powerful but the Lord kept us safe. We then finished off the day with an icecream before heading back to the YWAM base! IT was such an adventure to visit all those places and get to know everyone so much more! Definitely an amazing day to relax!

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