Thursday, February 2, 2012


It is absolutely soo amazing how God works!! He performs miracles in His timing and when a group of believers are praying in unity! As you all know, many students owe thousands of dollars before this friday because the entire lecture and part of the outreach fee is due. So we really just met the Lord last night in our classroom. We began to pray constantly and ask the Lord for a miracle. We added up all the fees to which people needed by Friday and the total was $,93,198!! Sounds like an impossible amount to raise right??? Well let me just say God is sooo good!
     Once all of us saw this sum, we all were very scared and anxious because if people didnt have their lecture fees paid by this Friday, then they could be asked to leave YWAM. So you understand the importance of having everyones lecture fee paid by friday which is $3995. One of the girls in my DTS, Sequoyah still owed $3945 for her lecture and around seven other people still owed good chunks of their lecture cost. One of my friends, Joseph still owed $2400 and my other friend Gabby still owed $2000. So that gives you an idea of how much people still owe. We all began to pray and worship God through song and lifting our voices to Him. Some people shared stories to how God has provided for them in the past and how he has gotten them to YWAM. It was so encouraging to hear how God had provided for finances and how he still is. Our DTS spent probably an hour at least in prayer, worship, sharing stories and then GOd put it on our hearts to GIVE to one another. The amazing thing is that alot of us who really dont have money to give away, Gave to our fellow classmates because we felt as if God would bless us in multiplying the money and providing.  Right then and there, we began to ask GOD for direction and asking Him if we sho7uld give money to a fellow classmate and how much. So when we felt called to give money to someone else, we went to the front of the room and got a blank piece of paper and wrote the person's name along with how much we wanted to give the person. I know one girl who said that she just sold her car to make money for outreach and she felt called by God to give the money away to another student for their lecture and outreach cost. She did this because she felt God was telling her to do this and that GOd would bless her with abundantly because of this decision of obedience. Other people gave hundreds and thousands of dollars while others were able to contribute other amounts. It was kept in secrecy for the most part so I dont know all what people gave. I just know it was between them and God. One person at a time made their way to the front of the classroom to get a piece of paper to give money away to another person. More people followed and within a few minutes, people were coming to the front to write more I owe You's and promises of money on the sheets of paper and then returning the sheets to the basket. This continued probably for 20 minutes or so! It was the most beautiful thing just seeing God lead in such  a way that he was leading hearts to rely on Him completely and give money that people needed for their own outreach , in order to help someone else out. Its just like the phrase, "you sow what you reap."
   The leaders wrote down all the names of people on the board who still needed money and the amounts that people owed. As money began to come in, the leaders began to calculate the money being contributed. As we all watched in anticipation, I remember just watching a huge smile spread across two of my leaders' faces as they took an eraser and erased the $3,945 that Seqoyah needed by Friday for lecture and as they erased that number, one of my leaders took a marker and wrote that Seqoyah now had $7,535 that people from all over our class had donated generously to her!!!!! Jaws dropped around the classroom as we all raised a shout to the Lord and started praising Jesus that she now had her entire lecture fee covered and part of her outreach cost paid for!!!! I looked back at her and she stood there just completely shocked and in awe of God and the miracle that had just happened!!!!
    But thats not all!!! Other people's amounts began to also get erased!! Gabby, Joseph, Lisbeth and many others who had large sums of money that still needed to be owed began to decrease in amount. Within just a few minutes, all of the people who still had large sums of lecture fees that they owed, were completely ERASED and by the generosity of the class and God's obedience, everyone now has their ENTIRE lecture fee paid for!!! GOD is sooooo good!!!! Other people began to also contribute money to people's outreach fees and I believe 3 people's outreach fees are completely paid for!! I'm just going to say again!! This shows the Power of God and the power when we choose to Obey Him full heartedly and give money even though we needed that money for our own outreach, but God blessed everyone abundantly and He is still blessing us $those acts of obedience. It's not that he will bless us either or, but He blesses us with Both and More!!! The most amazing thing is that we started off with our DTS owing $93,198 on Friday and it decreased to $25,679.86!!!! This number alone just shows the power of the Holy SPirit! Around $14,000 was given from fellow classmates and leaders to other classmates within the time span of 2 1/2 hrs last night!! This is beyond amazing and this shows the power of the Holy Spirit to provide!! I believe that in some ways that God multiplied this money because $14,000 is a ton of money given within one night!!
     Please continue praying for all of us though! There is still $25,679.86 that my DTS owes by Friday and we are stilll in lost of need. Please be praying constantly about this and that God will continue to work and provide! and if anyone feels called to help support me financially, please let me know!!
I hope everyone is doing well!! God is good and HE meets us where we are at!

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