Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Greetings Everyone! I just want to let you know that God is doing some pretty radical things here on campus! We have a new speaker every week and each speaker brings a new message and a new dynamic to campus! Some of the key points that have been brought up in sermons are the following:
Darlene Cunningham, wife of Loren Cunningham, who is the founder of YWAM spoke a few times last week to us. She is a great inspiration to the students because of her radical obedience to GOD in serving Him all her life and fulfilling His vision for the founding of YWAM. She spoke on how we are to walk in Joy with GOD which will give us the joy filled life of repentance.
-We are to be leaning forward in the Spirit and trusting that God will arouse a dream in our hearts.
-Jesus asks us to do the Possible and He will do the Impossible! He will Provide :)
-God provides Comfort because He understands our Circumstances.
-When God begins to speak out new dreams, we must Folow them out.
-It takes us living our dreams and recognizing the Call of God on my life.
-Fear robs the world of the Dreams that God has yet to reveal to us. We cant let fear grip us.
-We are to obey God without negotiation! We are to radically obey instead of Negotiating with God.

Heidi Baker came and spoke to us last wednesday! She is a missionary from Mozambique, Africa and many years ago, the Lord blessed her with the gift of Healing. 1 Corinthians 12 discusses spiritual gifts. So God blessed her with the gift of healing regarding the deaf. 99.999999% of the people that she has prayed over have gone from being deaf to being able to hear! For some people, its the first time in their lives they have been able to hear and others might have been deaf for a few years, and they are healed of it!!! She is an amazing, well known woman who was called into missions at age 18. She loves taking care of orphans and her favorite place to minister in Mozambique is in the garbage dumps and the slums. Heidi lives in a mud hut and has completely immersed herself in the culture and the Lord uses her constantly to witness and to basically be a momma to hundreds of orphans. Along with her husband and 2 kids, they reside in Africa where they continually work with this ministry. Heidi travels and speaks in conferences and at other ministries to share the Love of God and her heart for missions. She is such an inspiration as well! Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, she delivered a powerful message highlighting the characters of God and being obedient to God.
-God wants to chop away our unbelief! '
-When we are free of unbelief, we are free to see the Gospel move radically.
-Never be drawn away from intimacy with Jesus.
-Dont try to walk in someone else's Annointing, walk in your own shoes!!!
-We each have a specific call and annointing by God!
-If you obey God's commands, you will Remain in His love!

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