Monday, January 30, 2012

Schedule of events!

I bet many of you wonder what my day looks like on a daily basis during the week. Every day is very different and has scheduled events, activities, lectures, worship and meals that we must attend. Below is the schedule of events for every day!
6:15-7:15 breakfast
7-7:45 Our own personal God time. (Devos)
8-9 Ohana Court Worship: All the DTS' and staff get together for woship in our big Ohana court
9-9:30 Catch up from the weekend
9-12:30 Lecture time with a speaker
12:30 lunch
2-4 Equipping tracks: The first 5 weeks of DTS are focused on Justice Water (which is an organization that was started here and we are taught how to make bio sand filters, water pumps and basically how to provide and built clean water filters) This is very handy when we go oversees because we are being educated on how to build water pumps to provide clean drinking water.
5-6:30 dinner
6:30-8:30 ministry night: a few of the DTS' get together in the prayer room for worship, intercession and prayer.

T uesday:
Breakfast and devo time during the same previous time
8-9 Catch up
9-9:30 "you preach" every student preaches or shares something that they are learning each day to get used to sharing in front of a group.
9-12:30 lecture time
12:30 lunch
1-3 prayer room, intercession, prayer, worship
5-6:30 dinner
6:30-8:30story time with speakers, or other people that my leader brings in to talk to us.

--Breakfast and- devos
-Class worship 8-9
-9-9:30 -"you preach"
9-12 lecture
12:30 lunch
1:30-3 small group (small group is our outreach groups. SO for me, my outreach team consists of 7 people going to India)
5-7 Local community outreach: I go with a group of people to a local Middle School here in Kona. We work in an after school program serving meals, playing with children and building relationships with them. They are a certain group of people that are actually rejected by the Hawaiians.

Breakfast and devos
8-9 Intercession time: praying over and for others and asking GOd to speak through us to what He wants us to communicate to the other person.
9-9:30 You PReach
9-12:30 lecture
12:30 lunch
2-4 Bible Class
4:/:30-5:30 Dinner
6- 8:30Ohana Court meeting: all the DTS' meet together for worship and a sermon

Breakfast and Devos
8-9 Our leader Joanna does Catch up
9-9:30 you preach
9-12:30 lecture
12:30 lunch
2-4 small groups meet up and pray for countries we are going to
Family fun nights

Saturday and Sunday
Every other weekend, I have work duty. SO i work in the cafeteria every other weekend for 16 hrs prepping for meals, serving meals and cleaning up. They are very long days but I enjoy every day here!

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