Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Financial SUPPORT!

Well as you know, God has miraculously been working in this campus and has been changing Lives every day! I want to thank you very much to those who have donated towards my DTS costs for YWAM! They have tremendously helped and I am very blessed by all your generosity!

I cannot believe that my outreach costs are already having to get paid! The downpayment of $2500 is due this Friday. Every team is still trying to determine their exact outreach costs including my team that is going to India at the end of March! I know God is faithful, therefore, I am actively praying about this downpayment and wondering how exactly these funds will get paid for.. If you feel called to help support me financially, please go to the tab, "ways to help" on my blog and there is instructions on there to help support me. If everyone could just pray for me and the rest of my team, in that we will be able to find some way to Provide the money needed for outreach, that would be Amazing!!! Please!! Please! Please!!! Be praying for us!! We all need a good sum of money before Friday for outreach and we are all being active in prayer! Thank you very much!! GOd is GOOD! 

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