Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dancing with Jesus

      During out time with Donna Jordan, (our speaker this week who is amazing and who was called to te the mother of all nations) she asked us to imagine ourselves in a garden with Jesus. SO everyone in the room quieted their hearts and asked the Holy Spirit to come and reveal Himself to us so we could imagine ourselves in a garden with Him. As I closed my eyes and prayed, I began to imagine myself in a garden and as I continued to pray, the Holy SPirit revealed himself to me and painted me a picture in my mind.  So I will do  my best to repaint this picture for you so you can see what the Holy SPirit revealed to me.
    The picture started with rolling hills and a green pasture. I was alone walking in this garden alone just for  a few minutes. Within a few seconds, I saw the Lord walking towards me from the distance. He was clothed in white, radiating brightly as He continued to come towards me. His hands were extended towards me as if he was waiting for me to take hold of His hand. He met me and He took my hand and began to lead me through the pasture. I looked down at his feet and He was the one leading me with his feet set first.  He was guiding me and leading me through life. With his other hand, he motioned at the trees, creatures and His creation showing me His beauty. All of a sudden, He stopped, looked at me and grabbed both of my hands. He began to dance with me while twirling me around like a princess in His arms. I was laughing as joy completely immersed me while being in His presence. Complete joy as I was being clothed in a white dress dancing with the Lord, my King. I am His bride.

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