Sunday, January 8, 2012

Adventures Begin!

      Well the adventure has surely begun here on the YWAM base. Students are always busy finding things to do whether it be meeting new friends, walking to the pier to explore downtown Kona, taking a swim from a near by beach or reading their Bible in a hammock on campus. You may think, "man, sounds like a rough life being in hawaii.." because believe me, I have heard that numerous times. But our days have been long but they have been nice because it is the weekend and classes actually start tomorrow. Along with classes, we also have work study which is basically like volunteer community service to which we have to do on campus. My work study is actually every other weekend in which I have to work in the open air cafeteria for 10 plus hours. It will be split up between saturday and sunday. My general schedule is basically going to be on weekdays:
-wake up at 6
-Breakfast at 6:15-7
-quite time with the Lord until 7:45
-worship at 8
-class from 9-12
-Class, intercession, small group time 1-4 or so
-Dinner at 4:30
-Worship, outreach, devo time or commuity outreach
-Free time until bed or so.
Weekends- I will be working 10 plus hours volunteering in the cafeteria every other weekend

So folks! thats basically going to be my schedule for the next 3 months! They are definitely full days full of Engaging with the WORD, the LOrd and His plan for our lives!!! It should definitely be a journey!

This weekend has been amazing!! We have had lots of orientation things on friday so we could be introduced to the campus, the leaders, the students and the different DTS' going on. Friday night we had a presenting of the flags of the nations to which ywam bases are located. THere were around 50 countries that had flags presented to all of us which was very encouraging!! There were also some hula dancers and a fire dancer that performed to introduce us to Hawaiian culture. Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM also spoke to us about how he felt God calling him to start YWAM decades ago! The story was literally amazing!!
Saturday was an adventure as well! We woke up and had to meet as a DTS for some get to know you games and a big scavenger hunt around Kona and the campus! we had to do some pretty crazy things but it was awesome! I have been able to meet so many amazing people and the girls in my dorm room are wonderful! Its amazing that everyone here is here for the same reason! Each one of us was called here distinctlly by the LORD to be here! To finish off the night, we drove to a beach in which we had a BBQ and watched the sunset as a DTS. Sunday has been a day of rest and catching up on sleep. I will probably be heading to the market to buy some fresh fruits later this evening and hopefully be going to the beach for a little while to enjoy the sunshine! Its absolutely gorgeous here :)


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